Ambassadors of the Community

We are really excited to introduce this years project for our Rising Fives children, in becoming ‘Ambassadors of Our Community’ by working with the Nottingham in Bloom campaign. Hollies Day Nurseries sponsors Woodthorpe Grange Park, Goose Fair Island and The Tropical House in conjunction with Nottingham in Bloom.

Having met with the Open Spaces team we have come up with a project to become involved in supporting these amazing spaces even more.

The aim of the project:

For our Rising Fives and their families to learn about how important it is to respect and look after our parks and open spaces and how we can all help to make Nottingham a nicer place to live.

The Programme:

The children to attend one of the workshops below (spaces are limited) and to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The nursery take part in the first practical session potting small ‘plug’ plants into larger pots.



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We will be planting and growing our own flowers at the nursery in the new green houses throughout this programme to make our own flower island in the nursery garden to reflect the Goose Fair Island plant and colour scheme.