Our Toddler Room is a very spacious room, which is split into three large open planned areas.

The team are very experienced and have received lots of training on how to promote the development and wellbeing of this age group. All the staff in this room fully understand the frustrations, that the typical two year old will go through and have a thorough knowledge of how to support the ever changing emotions of the two year old.

TgardenOur first area in the Toddler Room is a space for Toddlers to use their imagination, creativity and physical skills. It offers a  sand & water tray  to explore, large painting wall, which is especially good for the development of large muscles so they can use large movements to paint their pictures, (so you may need a bigger fridge) tables for lots of activities such as baking with our cook, which we do at least three times a week!

The second space provides a fantastic opportunity for the Toddlers to choose what they would like to play with. The stimulating resources in this area are accessible and at Toddler height, allowing them freedom and choice in what they do. Providing free play encourages independence, deep learning as children are always more focused when they are interested in the activity. It enables and supports their relationship’s with peer friends, develops language and promotes problem solving in a number of ways. 

Our third area is our garden. The Toddler Room has two patio doors at the end of the room which allows the children to free flow between the inside and outside. The outside area is very important to Hollies and we use it to its maximum potential every day. The children can spontaneously choose to free play outside as well as the practitioners setting up more focused activities.

As with all our rooms the practitioners will work very close with parents to ensure that they are as involved as they want to be and that the best possible outcomes for the children’s development are achieved. Daily communication with parents is encouraged, parents evening and parent workshops are all offered to support the positive relationship between home and nursery and you are more than welcome to ‘stay and play’ whenever you want!