The development of a young three year old is very different to that of a nearly five year old, at Hollies we split the older children at different times of the day into Pre-School and Rising Fives. By splitting them it ensures that we are providing quality, developmental appropriate resources and activities that will support all children’s social and emotional skills which are so important at this stage in their life. Rising Five’s will ease the transition between nursery and school for the older Pre-School children, helping them with their school ‘readiness’ which the government has highlighted as an area all childcare practitioners need to support.


The Pre-School unit compromises of two very large rooms and a smaller room for the Rising Fives. All these room support the ‘characteristics of effective learning’; Exploring and engaging, active learning and critically-thinking’ which are outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, the guidance that we follow throughout the nursery.

The resources and activities provided allow the children endless opportunities to be curious, explore and learn in an environment that they feel safe and secure.

All the activities and experiences the children enjoy alongside the caring and supportive approach of the Pre-School team ensure that all our children develop into kind, curious, independent and adventurous children who have the social skills to interact with the world in which we live.