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Latest Update August 2018 - Within Safeguarding & Child Protection

1. Designated Safeguarding Officer Update

Latest Update May 2018 - Privacy Notice 

1. Privacy Policy

2. Privacy Policy for Employees

3. Cookies Policy

Latest Update May 2018 - Within Safeguarding & Child Protection 

Access & Stroage of Infiormation & Privacy Policy

Latest Update November 2017

Within Safeguarding & Child Protection

Arrival/Departure of your children (section 3)

Within the Staff Handbook

Family Friendly Policy (section 15) Staff Medication Declaration (section 16)

Within A Unique Child

Additional Information for new setting - Hollies West Bridgford (opened 27th November 2017)

Update March 2017 

Within Safeguarding & Child Protection

Recruitment, Selection & Employment Policy (section 14)

Within Staff Handbook 

DBS Update service (page 4)

Sickness/Injury Payments and Conditions (page 23)

Health, Welfare and Hygiene (page 26)

Disciplinary Procedure (page 27)

Capability and Capability Dismissal Procedures (page 38)

Personal Harrassment Policy & Procedure (page 45)

Students - references required (page 63)

Personal, Disclosure & Whistleblowing - Prevent Duty Statement (page 67)

Refelction Form & Policy - Self Evaluation (page 68)

Equal Opportunities - (page 71)

Update January 2017 

Within 'A Unique Child' - New Policy - 'In the Moment Planning'.

Update November 2016

Within 'First Aid & Food Hygiene' - Medication Policy 'length of prescription' added.

Within 'A Unique Child' - New Well Being Statement, Behaviour Management Policy is now 'Healthy Behaviour' and there is new Support Plan within Healthy Behaviour with associated documents a-e, changes to parental responsibility within healthy behaviour.

Within 'Safeguarding & Child Protection:

Named Designated Leaders in Safeguarding, Language & Sendco's, new Peer on Peer abuse statement

Within 'Staff Handbook':

Addition of 'Staff Behaviour Statement'.

Update Sept 2016:

Within 'Safeguarding & Child Protection Handbook': Safeguarding - the removal of immediate suspension if an allegation is made against a member of staff, now policy is that LADO will give advice first before suspension is considered.

Within 'Safeguarding & Child Protection Handbook': Camera and Recording Devices Policy - the introduction of EyLog and EyLog Parent Application

Within CCTV Policy - the use of externally streamed cloud storage and access

Latest Updates June 2016:

Within 'Staff Handbook': Disciplinary Procedure

March 2016:

Within 'A Unique Child': SENDco Process a-f

February 2016:

Within 'Safeguarding & Child Protection:

Cameras, Recording Devices and Mobile Phone Policy 

Within 'A Unique Child':

Special Needs Policy

September 2015:

Within A Unique Child:

All references and links to the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 & Prevent Duty

Within Safeguarding & Child Protection:

All references and links to the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 & Prevent Duty

All our Policy and Procedure documents are available on the Internet, accessible from the nursery. Paper copies will not be available in the nursery any longer as it is not environmentally friendly to keep reprinting them and our goal to be as paper-free as possible.